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Technical Support

Technical Customer Service S.A.T.

Cooper CSA Customer Service is where you can find any information of technical nature. The SAT is a direct link between the producer and the installer and allows you to take advantage of the following services:

  • Product Information Request, a helping hand to choose the item that best suits your needs;
  • Installation Best Practices, the correct procedure for product installation & activation;
  • Information regarding fault finding and reparation returns.

SAT may be reached at the following toll free number: 800.449433,
Monday to Friday, 8:00am/12:00am & 1:00pm/5:00pm,
otherwise email:

Technical support request on Site

Requests for technical assistance on site must be received by completing the form below:

Technical Support Request Form

Technical support for the commissioning of Easicheck, CEAG and Cooper Fire Systems

Systems for emergency lighting, Easicheck & CEAG, together with fire detection systems, Cooper Fire, require an initial activation & programming service.

Cooper CSA provides activation services at request by completing the following modules:

Application form for activation of Easicheck system
Application form for activation of CEAG system
Application form for activation of Cooper Fire system

Requests must be submitted by e-mail to: or by fax to 0245879105. A minimum period of 10 working days notice is required. If, during installation, they are faults and/or malfunctions present in the system, SAT must be informed in order to proceed with the necessary replacement/repairs before the intervention of technical personnel.

For further information please contact technical customer service at the following Toll free number: 800.449433.