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i-on50 System

i-on50 System

The i-on50EX (and its European variant i-on50EXEUR) is a hybrid wired/wirefree control unit suitable for Grade 2 or Grade 3 alarm systems, compatible with PD6662:2010 and BS8243.

One i-on50EX control unit can operate up to 50 zones by using expanders sharing a single bus cable. Different types of expander allow either wired or wirefree detectors in the same system. The bus cable also allows the installer to connect keypads or extra power supplies wherever they are needed.

The i-on50EX provides a socket for an add-on communication module. The i-on50EXD variant (i-on50EXDEUR for Europe) also provides a built-in communicator. The control unit provides connections for up to 10 wired zones and connectors for three programmable outputs, which can be used to control external equipment (two transistor outputs and one voltage free changeover contacts). In addition there are dedicated external bell and strobe outputs. Expanders also provide connectors for additional external sounders and outputs.

A separate set of 16 pins on the control unit pcb provide programmable outputs designed to control a separate digital communicator.
During initial power up (and if you reset a system to factory defaults) the system provides an opportunity for you to set various system options in one step in order to program the system for either EN50131-1:2009 Grade 2 or EN50131-1:2009 Grade 3.



Datasheet (678 KB) (PDF)