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  • Educational Facilities - All the solutions available for schools, universities, libraries.
  • Industrial Buildings - A wide range of products to offer the right solutions  for industries, factories and plants.
  • Shopping Facilities - Lighting, emergency lighting, fire and intrusion systems for retail stores, super stores and shopping malls.
  • Healthcare facilities - In environments such as hospitals and medical  centers, security and reliability are essential features.

Comprehensive Solutions

Cooper CSA is focused on meeting the growing demand for personnel and property safety, offering integrated solutions for education, healthcare, industrial, commercial and sport applications.

Expertise Built on Experience

Emergency lighting, Fire detection systems, Security systems.
You can rely on Cooper CSA’s proven experience in developing high-quality, reliable and innovative life safety products and solutions that are essential in responding to today’s threats.

Security in cinemas, theaters and museums is essential to ensure maximum protection to customers who use these services.

For schools, libraries and college campuses, Cooper CSA’s advanced technological solutions for safety are designed to protect, alert, and inform students, staff and faculty.

Cooper CSA offers reliable solutions for security, according to the public health regulations in force and to the needs of health care.

A reliable security system, always discreet and well designed, it’s essential to make guests feel at ease. Cooper CSA products create an atmosphere of safety...

Fire detectors, sign boards, high degree protection devices: for a safe workplace.

Reliable and proven solutions for fire and emergency lighting systems that make sure your workplace.

Cooper CSA offers reliable solutions designed to serve the life safety and the emergency communications needs of stores and retails.

Every sports facility requires emergency luminaires, central battery systems, alarm panels for escape routes. Our products meets all these needs.